The FAUCET PlugFest is being held on Monday 21st October, at the same venue as the FAUCET conference. 

The FAUCET PlugFest, traditionally held every year before the FAUCET conference, is where switch vendors and FAUCET developers get together to test the interoperability of FAUCET-compatible switches. 

The switches will be working together in a real physical network, all under FAUCET’s control. Switches are expected to pass FAUCET’s integration tests before the PlugFest. Last year, the PlugFest was held in Dallas, TX at SC18 demonstrating a multivendor 100G network.

This PlugFest we will be building a network with redundant switches and links, using FAUCET distributed switching (known as FAUCET stacking), with 802.1X authentication and monitoring with Poseidon.

If you’re a switch vendor or FAUCET developer, the FAUCET PlugFest will be of interest to you. 

You can find further details, including the PlugFest topology, at the PlugFest Google group.